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Ball Feeder

Ball Bearing Feeder
    • Simple Design
    • Feed Ball Bearings On Command
    • Rugged and Dependable

Ball Feeder
Ball Bearing Feeder Description

This Automatic Ball Bearing Feeder is a simple and dependable device used to dispense one ball into a sub assembly on a given command.

The balls are stored in a stainless steel hopper and are fed down through a hollow shaft to a cam operated escapement where the balls are transferred to a discharge tube.

The unit has been designed as a building block for automatic assembly machines and can also be bench mounted as a single station feeder. A four way pneumatic valve is required for operation.

Specially designed units available.
Ball Bearing Feeder Features

  1. 75 Cu. In. Stainless Steel Hopper.
  2. Supply Feed Tube.
  3. Hardened Tool Steel Escapement.
  4. Discharge Feed Tube.
  5. Hardened Tool Steel Cam. (THK Ball Slide)
  6. Cam Follower.
  7. Double Acting Air Cylinder.
    (1-1/8" Bore x 1" Stroke)
    Available with a Magnet Piston and Position Sensors.
  8. Die Set Slide featuring Hardened Steel Bushing with Lube Fittings and Seals.
  9. Hardened Steel Guide Shafts.
  10. Adjustable Column Mounts.
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